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Marion Post Wolcott 1939

It’s A Small House and
We Lived In It Always

Two explorers lay claim to the same territory. These people have known each other for some time. They occupy a house the size of a small stage, a house divided and subdivided by time and bad habits. Their only hope is an audience.

It’s A Small House and We Lived In It Always is a collaboration between Clod Ensemble and Split Britches, the internationally renowned theatre makers Peggy Shaw and Lois Weaver.

"Each piece maintains an admirable balance between cleverly conceived, spirited entertainment and intelligent insight ... thoughtfully choreographed work that is splendidly enhanced by the bluesy music of Mr. Clark." The New York Times

"(Small House) should be seen by everyone, being a near perfect piece of theatre." Total Theatre

"Paul Clark's music is flawless."Time Out



Created by Peggy Shaw, Lois Weaver, Suzy Willson & Paul Clark
Performed by Peggy Shaw & Lois Weaver
Directed by Suzy Willson
Music By Paul Clark
Designed by Sarah Blenkinsop
Lighting by Aideen Malone
Produced by Chris Westwood


It’s A Small House and We Lived In It Always on Tour

Small House was commissioned by the South Bank Centre for the Purcell Room and performed at the Purcell Room and at the Performance Studies International Conference, Arizona in 2000.

It was also performed with Miss Risque as Double Agency, UK tour in Spring 2001, before showing at La Mama, New York, Glasgay! 2002, and Maryland University.

Since then it has been performed internationally including Taiwan Festival of Women’s Theatre, and in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.