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For one night only

An evening of short pieces from the Clod repertoire.

Photos: Tim Nunn


The centrepiece is Wrestling a twenty minute short that takes the physical vocabulary of wrestling and transforms it from an act of aggression into one of charged intimacy.

"On stage, a wrestling arena. Two women slog it out … This is no abstracted dance-theatre re-enactment of a wrestling match; the women really engage their full physical force, grapple and hit the floor (British Association of Wrestling coaches have been engaged in the devising of the piece)… There is an Olympian grace in their battle. Within this 20 minute short, moments of kitsch and camp are provided, not by our battling heroines, but by a timekeeper (Lois Weaver) and the 'special guest appearance' of Miss High Leg Kicks, who sashays on to the accompaniment of Nina Simone. An extraordinary piece of theatre …" Total Theatre Magazine


Other pieces include:


A piece for jazz brass and three identically dressed, red stilletoed women. Featuring artist Jemima Burrill's leather Babycase.

"A visually striking composition with the air of a 1950's espionage thriller" Total Theatre


A piece for trapeze and piano inspired by a short story by Georges Perec. Originally performed by Jerwood Circus Award winner, Giselle Edwards.

"A delight... The mindfulness of movement was beautiful. The trapezist projected her awareness beyond the immediate task into the space, inviting us to join her on her exploration."Total Theatre

Egg & Spoon

A playful young woman searches for someone to have an egg and spoon race with her. Featuring Dave Tomlinson singing the blues track Only Believe.




Directed by Suzy Willson
Music By Paul Clark
Designed by Sarah Blenkinsop
Lighting by Hansjorg Schmidt



Sarah Cameron, Valerie Renay, Miss High Leg Kick, Lois Weaver, Zoe Bywater, Tom Godwin, Giselle Edwards, Dave Tomlinson, John Paul Gandy James Keane

Supported by

Commissioned by BAC and supported by the AHRC and Queen Mary, University of London.