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kiss my echo

Photos: Richard Nicholson

"This is fantastic theatre - intelligent and witty yet open to question" The Stage

Seven centuries of 'authoritative' medical imagery - from medieval illuminated manuscripts to renaissance anatomy textbooks, nineteenth century photographic records and contemporary neurological studies of 'unexplained symptoms' - are brought to life and set on a collision course in this startling piece of music theatre.

Set to an original score for strings, piano and percussion Kiss My Echo turns the anatomist's knife on the anatomists and gives the herbalist a dose of their own medicine, to reveal the crisis at the heart of the modern hospital.

".. precisely choreographed …nimbly directed by Suzy Willson and closely meshed with Paul Clark's restless, atmospheric music … Clod Ensemble's Kiss My Echo gives us a taste of how the NHS might look if Salvador Dali were in charge" The Financial Times

Photo: Man Jumping, 1884, Thomas Eakins
Paintings: Character study from Kiss My Echo, Vida Russell

"Paul Clark's outstanding score provides the framework for Clod Ensemble's remarkable hybrid of music and theatre" BBCi Today's Top Three

This piece formed part of the initial research and development for the Performing Medicine Project.




Written by John Binias, Paul Clark
& Suzy Willson
Directed by Suzy Willson
Music by Paul Clark
Words by John Binias
Design by Sarah Blenkinsop
Lighting by Aideen Malone

Produced by Roxie Curry



Zoe Bywater, Sarah Cameron, Colin Carmichael, Sam Kenyon, Catherine Marmier, Luke Williams.


Louise Dearsley, Calina de la Mare, John Paul Gandy, James Keane, Rose Redgrave.

Supported by

Commisssioned by and performed at BAC. Supported by Queen Mary, University of London and the AHRC.