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Photos: Richard Nicholson

A dentist and his beautiful young wife are rescued from a life of poverty when they inadvertently discover a miracle mouthwash which promises perfect white teeth for life. The product is a nationwide hit and the young lovers soon become fabulously wealthy. But life is hard, and dentistry is not much easier. As their business blossoms, holes begin to appear in their relationship, their business ethics and their teeth...

"...Perfectly formed ... Highly polished ... fun, witty, cynical and sharply performed." Lyn Gardner in The Guardian

Greed is a story about marriage and money; the business of love and the love of business …

"With Greed, director Suzy Willson achieves something quite magical."
Maddy Costa in The Guardian

Greed casts a critical eye over a consumerist society that takes no responsibility for its actions.

"The latest from Clod Ensemble is a technically precise and perfectly executed piece of physical theatre... There is never a moment when the spectator feels anything less than totally engaged."Total Theatre

Stylistically, the piece takes its inspiration from the silent melodrama of 1920's cinema and the slapstick of Keaton and Chaplin. The through-composed score is an extravagant and unruly spin on the silent movie soundtrack, played live on stage.



Created by The Company
Co-Written by John Binias
Original cast: Sarah Cameron,
Jason Thorpe & John Paul Gandy
2004 cast: Marcello Magni replaces Jason Thorpe
Directed by Suzy Willson
Music by Paul Clark
Lighting by Aideen Malone
Design by Sarah Blenkinsop


Greed on Tour

Performed at the Bristol Old Vic and at BAC in May 2003 and as part of the British Council Showcase at the Edinburgh Festival, 2003. Since then Greed has toured the UK and Sri Lanka, Thailand, Armenia, Ireland and Bulgaria.

Supported by

Greed was commissioned by BAC and was developed and had its first workshop presentation at the National Theatre Studio. Additional support was given by the AHRC and Queen Mary, University of London.