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swing night

Swing Night is an extravagant act featuring Gordon Campbell’s 18-piece Big Band.

In the weeks running up to the event school children, senior citizens and performers participate in swing dancing classes in schools and day centres. The participants then join with other music and dance enthusiasts to enjoy a magical evening of champagne, dancing and great music. Swing Night was first presented at BAC Grand Hall in 2006 and returned to Stoke Newington Town Hall in 2012 as part of London Arts in Health Forums London London Creativity and Wellbeing Week.


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"The band are just wonderful – it has been a very special evening for us, so much attention to detail and it is just wonderful to see all of you (cloakroom staff, actor’s waiters) dressed up in the clothes we wore! –Thank you so much for taking the time to organise this event, you all look wonderful!" Day Centre Member

"Being elderly I have to go home early – but I want to stay and carry on dancing – we’ve all got a spring in our step now, look at us! What a wonderful evening – most enjoyable!"Day Centre Member

Photos: Helen Marshall

Children’s comments from Thornhill Primary School


"We got to talk to people we didn’t know and my best bit was getting to show our dance."

"It was very exciting and really, really fun. I was a bit nervous but it turned out to be brilliant!"

"I learnt interesting dances of the 1940s, I also leaned to be more confident dancing in front of people."




Directed by Suzy Willson
Design Sarah Blenkinsop
Lights Hansjorg Schmidt
The Gordon Campbell Big Band
Dance Tutors Simona Scotto and Kate Hewitt

Stoke Newington Town Hall 2012

Millman Street Resource Centre - Holborn Community Association, Chisenhale Primary School.

Supported by

Arts Council England & London Arts and Health Forum.

BAC 2006

The Claremont Centre, The Peel Centre, Sotheby Mews Day Centre, Thornhill Primary School, Duncombe Primary School, St John’s Primary School, High View Primary School, Katherine Lowe Settlement, and Battersea Arts Centre.

Supported by

Home Front Recall, part of National Lottery Big Fund, BAC (Battersea Arts Centre), the Crafts Council and the Claremont Project.