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Late Developers

Late Developers is a participatory photography project that took place at the Riverside Centre, Tower Hamlets and Millman Street Resource Centre, Holborn in 2011/12.

Through a series of weekly photography workshops, a group of elders developed confidence and skills in using point and shoot cameras. The project used photography to engage elders creatively in the present, helping them to share stories about their lives, and to be active in creating visual records and memories. The photographs become visual talking points that bring participants together, creating new friendships and conversations, increasing motivation and mobility. The project culminated in a book of photographs by members of the Riverside Centre and an exhibition of photographs by members of Millman Street Resource Centre.

"Photographs connect people, the past, and the present.

Many of the participants initially believed they were ‘too old’ to take photographs. But photography’s strength is its accessibility and flexibility. With practice and commitment, the participants overcame nerves, physical disabilities, and inexperience to take photographs.

There are few celebrated examples of older populations representing themselves photographically. Through this project we were privileged to see something of their lives through their own eyes." Liz Orton (Lead Artist, Late Developers)

"I didn’t believe I could use a camera. I was dependent on getting other people to take photos for me, which weren’t necessarily the ones I wanted"
Jean - Participant

"This is one of the happiest parts of my life, since I’ve been part of this photography project. It’s made me feel alive and I look forward to every Friday"
Oswald - Participant



Riverside Centre

Rita Ali, Jean Briggs, Roberto A Delacruz, Tommy Diss, Ethel Everingham, Joseph Harris, Clare Lees, Hilda Levi, Iris May Ramsay, Ethel Shelley.

Millman Street Resource Centre

Oswald Joseph, George Robertson, Helen Barnhill, Marianne Wasser, Ibtesam Al-Tahir, Marie Lipman, Jean Davis, Thomas McMillan, Ken Owen

Lead Artist Liz Orton
Project Manager Rose Fieber

Volunteer photographic facilitators

Fiona Yaron-Field, Sukey Parnell, Janet Bowstead, Peter Schiazza, Sally Collister

Thanks to Photovoice

Supported by

Arts Council England, Baring Foundation, Rayne Foundation, Awards For All


late developers: A book of photographs by members of the Riverside Centre