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This is a course that works with AS and A Level Music students in state schools, harnessing their creativity and giving them an inspiring opportunity to raise their game. Many talented students find the demands of A Level music a big challenge - especially is they do not have a strong background in Classical music and their theory and reading skills are not so developed. Some students have very little experience of live music and have, for example, never played in an orchestra. A particular challenge, then, is the composition part of their course.

Living Room Music, now in its 7th year, takes professional composers and musicians into schools in a series of talks and workshops that address key issues of composition - not just theory, but also practical advice on the pros and cons of using computer software and hands on experience of writing for the different instrumental families, and hearing how this sounds played live by excellent musicians. The course culminates in rehearsal and recording of the the students' final exam pieces played by a group of top professionals and a concert for friends and family. The recordings are entered as part of their exam.


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Living Room Music was first piloted at City and Islington 6th Form College in Autumn 2006.

Supported by

Richard Reeves Foundation, Angus Allnatt Charitable Foundation, Ernest Cook Trust, City and Islington 6th Form College.