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beginner's Guide to Classical Music

A playful introduction to classical music for children aged 7 to 11 – from early medieval music through to the weird and wonderful sounds of the twentieth century. The project is a series of 3 workshops that aims to assist pupils in developing knowledge and skills relevant to the criteria of the National Curriculum for music at Key Stage 2, specifically “appraising skills and listening”, and “applying knowledge and understanding”.

The whole emphasis of the course is on the active embodiment of the music – physicalising the music rather than just listening to it. Through dramatic scenes, simple movement and improvisation techniques, the participants will begin to grasp the different textures, structures and moods that classical musicians have used over the last five hundred years. The class will work in small groups, to develop dramatic scenes or images that make sense of the music.


Workshop One Early Music

Workshop Two Romantic Music

Workshop Three Modernist Music

The workshops are supported by a Teachers Pack with accompanying CD.

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Supported by

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Sir John Cass Foundation, The Radcliffe Trust